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Treats on Halloween can be scary for kids with food allergies. The Teal Pumpkin Project provides a solution to this, by giving away toys and other non-food treats instead of candy. Add your home to Teal pumpkin project if you are giving non-food treats by going to their website below.

Kids love to trick or treat. Make it healthy and fun by giving non-food items or giving other kids and your own kids healthy treats like Yum Earth lollipops, Yum Earth Vegan Chocolate Roll'n, No whey chocolates, Unreal butter cups. Find more options in the links below. Unreal sun butter cups or No whey chocolates are great options for kids who are vegan and nut-free. Small packets of chips are also great options for trick or treating. Some grain-free options include Siete tortilla chips, grain-free or the gluten-free pop chips, and small packs of Simple Mills crackers. Boxes of organic raisins, raw honey sticks (free of artificial coloring) are also great options.

Always read the ingredient labels of all treats you buy or receive to avoid food allergies. If your kids want to go trick or treating for candy with their friends, you can donate the candy they bring to drives that may be held to send candy to military troops. Your school, dentist's office, or doctor's office may be running such drives. You can look at, a website who partners with dentists and other local businesses with the goal of removing excess Halloween candy from kids while also supporting our military troops at the same time.

Non-food Trick or Treat options

Another idea to explore is giving away Halloween crafts instead of candy. Michaels has a lot of Halloween crafts for kids. To make your own assortments of crafts, you can grab some paper bags decorate them with little googly eyes or other decorations and fill them with stickers, pencils etc. to give out to kids. You can even make this family activity by letting your kids decorate the bags. Play-Doh, fake coins, paper crafts, coloring books, crayons, stickers, pencils, rubber ducks, and glow sticks make great non-food Treats. All the links are below!

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